Start your New Year’s Resolution with the Couch to 5K in 10 weeks –

Start your New Year’s Resolution with the Couch to 5K in 10 weeks –

Most want-to-be runners make the same mistake youth runners make when it comes to getting started – they go too fast too early. The following is a program my friend Bob Porter and I designed in 1992 that has been very successful for many locals who made the transition from a walker to a runner. Many runners still use this program today, as it is a great one for the beginning runner.

This program is designed to take the walker or non-jogger to a slow, continuous 30-minute jog (equal to a 5K) in just 10 weeks. Call it a trot, call it a jog, even a run; the bottom line is that you are able to complete the 3.1-mile distance without stopping. The program is designed in minutes, not miles, which most runners seem to enjoy better. The program has you working out four days per week with plenty of rest in between sessions. 

Before you begin, get a complete physical and make sure your body is cleared for this challenge. Get your legs ready with six days of walking followed by a day off before you begin. For each week of the program, try to keep your four workout days consistent such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Following your pre-conditioning walking week, you are ready for week one of the program. Good luck, and 10 weeks from now will place you on the starting line at a local Seashore Striders event in March. See you there!

Week 1 – Walk 4 minutes and jog 2 minutes. Repeat five times.          

Week 2 – walk 3 minutes and jog 3 minutes. Repeat five times. 

Week 3 – walk 3 minutes and jog 5 minutes. Repeat four times. 

Week 4 – walk 3 minutes and jog 7 minutes. Repeat three times. 

Week 5 – walk 2 minutes and jog 8 minutes. Repeat three times. 

Week 6 – walk 2 minutes and jog 12 minutes. Repeat two times. 

Week 7 – walk 1 minutes and jog 16 minutes. Repeat two times. 

Week 8 – walk 2 minutes and jog 18 minutes. Repeat two times. 

*Week 9 – walk 1 minutes and jog 20 minutes. Repeat two times. 

Week 10 – jog 30 minutes. Congratulations! You are no longer a walker.

*Note:  After completion of week 9, if you feel tired and not ready for your last week, repeat week 9 of the training and move on when comfortable.

Ten Golden Rules

1. Begin at the doctor’s office with a complete checkup before you start.

2. Get proper equipment, most importantly a new pair of correct running shoes.

3. Keep a log that will track your progress and condition, and direct your future.

4. Never push too early. Going too fast is the most common mistake.

5. Know and listen to your body with common sense.

6. Four feet are better than two. Train with a partner or group of runners.

7. Develop your training routine with times and locations that are best for you.

8. …….